CRM 2013 – Create a simple plugin in CRM 2013 using the CRM Development Toolkit


Here is a step by step guide to creating simple Update plugin in CRM 2013 on the account entity. The plugin is created using the CRM 2013 Developer Toolkit

The video also explains some of the options in plugins

Here is a link to the step by step blog post
CRM 2013 – Step by Step Update Plugin Tutorial using the CRM 2013 Development Toolkit

The follow on video is here


  1. at around 15:18, When you put Plug-in Ranks, I have a question there —-
    What if you have two plugins –
     1) it will update account if a "custom field" is set to "NO"— it will update "Custom field" to "Yes" again
    2) Plugin 2 will again set this "Custom Field" to "NO"

    So, its like a circular plugins. What will happen now? Will they run forever?

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  2. Can you please tell me how can i get the value entered by user and compare it on my pre-validate create function?
    Like for example i want to compare
    if (entity.Attributes.Contains("accountnumber") == "Value entered by user")
    How can i get this  ? Value entered by user"

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  3. Hi, this is nice series of tutorials. 
    Everything was going smooth. At the time of deploying I am facing 
    Error 36 Error connecting to CRM Server. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. C:ProgramFilesMSBuildMicrosoftCRMMicrosoft.CrmDeveloperTools.12.targets 176 4 CrmPackage

    Which details  as follow 

    Message 1 Could not find schema information for the element ''. c:userslgeildocumentsvisual studio 2012ProjectscrmConnectionTestcrmConnectionTestCrmPackageRegisterFile.crmregister 2 2 CrmPackage

    and so on till 30 messages with all fields of the "RegisterFile.crmregister".

    Help me out what I need to do ?

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