1. if doesn't work Redirecting to localhost for exemple
    there is another way
    step1 : Cpanel and go to PHPMYADMIN
    step2: clik on website database
    Step3: Search on table name ( WP_OPTION ) click on it
    Step4 : Change ( siteurl& home )links
    Done !

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  2. You get a thumbs up from me girl well done the only one i found without the loud music and tutorials which just type to get the word out. As I am trying to help a friend out to set up their Site I could not log in for the life of me and you can't even contact word effing Press without login in Thanks a million.

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  3. Oh. My. God!! Thanks SO MUCH for posting this! There is a TON of utterly useless advice on the WP site and elsewhere about 'troubleshooting' login problems but no where do they list the correct URL for admin login. Unbelievable! Thanks again!

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  4. I just wanted to say Thank you for posting this video.  I've been getting the redirect for the past few days, as well.  I disabled all of my plugins manually, via my www directory on my localhost and somehow that resolved it the first time.  I did the same thing today and it was not budging.  I came across your video, found the work around for the login and even though the url looked the same on both for me, I copied the top, pasted it to the bottom and for now, I am able to login on the admin side.  Thank you so much! Even if that is not a total fix, I can at least always us the wp-login! :D

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  5. Please help!! I can login to my wordpress dashboard but very little is displayed. There is a menu on the side but none of the widgets or anything else is displayed. I have tried this on Internet Explorer and Chrome – both the same. I have cleared the browser cache and cleared cookies and made sure that third party sites can use them. What do I do? Please help!!!!!

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  6.  I was wondering if you could help me. I can log into my wordpress account, it allows me to see my posts, but I cannot access my actual blog, I cannot customize it, I can't do anything. Even when I click the support button at the bottom of the page it always says 'Unable to access the network'. I don't understand how to fix this and I am also quite confused by it because I can still access my other wordpress blog perfectly fine. I would be very grateful for any advice, I am not the best when it comes to these type of things. Thank you.

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